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Sorry to be blunt, but unlike other email lists that want "growth at all costs," this one is different: I only want you here if you want to be here.

This email series is for someone who wants to improve their knowledge of FP&A and Private Equity through the discipline of Financial Modeling.

If that's not you, no worries, but this isn't the right place to be.

From the Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy to Middle-Market Private Equity, I've seen some crazy financial models over the years.

Today, I'm lucky enough to teach Financial Modeling around the world, am an instructor for the Wharton Online Private Equity Certificate Program, Wall Street Prep, and LinkedIn Learning.

Delivered weekly on Tuesday, I draw on my experience and write about the intersection of Financial Modeling, FP&A, and Private Equity to help you become a Financial Modeling expert.

If that sounds like you, please join us!

    "Just wanted to drop this note to thank you for the amazing content that you have been consistently putting out in the Financial Modeling Education Series. Your emails provide a ton of value."
    "This is excellent work Chris. I couldn't ask for more, especially with the content being free."
    "As an accountant who learned how to be a modeler later in my career I am super impressed with how you are able to convey so clearly to your students what the 3 statements are actually doing in layman’s terms and why they work like they do. It's more than just what formula to place where, I think you leave your students with great fundamentals of the why this is all so important even if they come into it as layman. Keep the good work coming, you’re really onto something."